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243 W Park Ave #202

Winter Park, FL 32789


Jessica’s competitive nature, honed on the soccer field as a Division I athlete at UCF, meshed well with her desire to attend law school and ultimately open her own firm.  After a few years in marketing, she decided to attend Barry School of Law, where she would earn her Juris Doctorate and Florida Bar certification.  Working for another firm straight out of law school, she began to envision the type of law firm she wanted to build.  Married to her best friend Richard Haines, and the mother of two boys, she appreciates the importance of work/life balance and that the happiness and well-being of her employees’ hinges on this important concept. 


Jessica Hallgren Haines made the ambitious decision to open KLG Orlando (formerly Kendrick Law Group) after just a few years removed from law school.  Although risky, she knew that hard work, determination, a passion for helping others, and surrounding herself with like-minded individuals would translate into success. With growth and focus, this law endeavor quickly molded into a real estate focused firm on development and closings.  KLG has restricted and focused its energy on business related legal matters that for small business owners, contractual law and real estate law and development. Specifically in the real estate sector, founding title companies that service clients in the Florida market backed by attorney knowledge. These relationships are primary in all business decisions made by KLG Orlando and their sister title companies, Park Title and 24 Title.


Currently, Jessica Haines has taken the step with her husband Richard Haines of RLH Commercial and Residential to further develop the community by acting at RLH Residential’s Head of Marketing and Philanthropic Relations. This not only strengths her real estate knowledge but allows for continued and future development by RLH in the community by “giving hope” to more by cross promoting non-profits throughout all companies RLH touches.

Along with the desire to provide expert legal and real estate services to the community, Jessica constantly endeavors to be a leader in the philanthropic sector, having founded our own 501c3 charitable entity, the Hope for More Foundation, while also serving on numerous local charity boards and committees.  


Community and giving back are the core of all companies Richard and Jessica Haines own and will continue to be the paramount for all decisions made in the future with development and growth. Employees and the community are what make Jessica successful, and the continued positive reinforcement created for ongoing growth.

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